The Buzz About Eyelash Extensions & Brows

How to enhance your beauty with eyelash extensions & brows!

Are you satisfied with the fullness and length of your eyelashes? Do you wake up with barely there brows that are shapeless?

Most women want fuller, longer, lush looking lashes! And we want brows that are beautifully shaped and filled in.
Lash extensions are the solution that can give you long lashes while retaining a very natural appearance. Despite being a relatively new cosmetic procedure, eyelash extensions & sleek brows are rapidly becoming popular as the best means to transform the facial features of a woman.
This article reviews some of the benefits of lash & brow extensions to help those uncertain about their value get a clear idea of why they should go ahead and fit these into their budget.

This is how your lashes should look after proper application

What you should know about Lash Extensions & Brows

Experts use synthetic materials to make sleek brows and eyelash extensions that mimic the texture and look of your real eyebrows and eyelashes. Your technician will work with you to ensure that you choose the length, thickness, and curl of lash that match your hair, skin and eye color. These new treatments in the beauty industry help to enhance your beauty without changing your look completely.
Unlike the case of false eyelashes, experts will place one eyelash at a time without damaging your natural eyelashes. The brows are administered similarly.
Conventional false lashes can have a tendency to look way over done. You have to apply them as a one-strip adhesive, which can be quite hard if you’re not used to applying. It also takes a lot of time to apply them if you wish to wear them daily. And as you know you can’t get them wet or they will fall right off, so they aren’t very dependable. Besides, many of them are made of cheap materials and they may fail to match your real eyelashes. As a result, their look on you will clearly highlight that they are not natural, making permanent lash extensions a better option.

Before & After using Xtreme Lash Brand


The benefits of having sleek brows and permanent eyelash extension

Lash Extensions give you natural-looking lashes that are fuller, darker, and longer than the natural ones, which enhance your beauty. Following this, they have become super popular among celebrities. They offer an easy way to attain a glam or natural look. Nowadays, lash extensions are for not only the elite figures but you too can have fabulous natural looking elegant lashes.

Here are 10 benefits that might motivate you to take your beauty to the next level by getting lash extensions & brows.

  1. They must be placed on by a licensed Lash Practitioner, which guarantees a natural look. The procedure is subtle, and many professionals are able to match texture and eyelash carefully in order to enhance your look rather than making your eyelash area look cartoonish.
  2. Lash extensions can be complementary when you look less refreshed or energetic. They tend to draw people’s attention to your eye area, which has a fresh, new look.
  3. The advancing technology has brought safe adhesive for professional to use when applying eyelash extensions and brows. As a result, extensions have become semi-permanent. Moreover, the experts are using hypoallergenic glue to avoid allergic reactions.
  4. The extensions give your lashes and brows much more depth and length
  5. You do not have to use mascara!
  6. They are comfortable to wear because of they are lightweight. You don’t realize you have them on.
  7. You have to make sure you are maintaining them because, with the natural shedding of your natural eyelashes, these fall out too since they are glued to your natural lashes.
  8. They are weatherproof and waterproof
  9. They are casual and carefree
  10. Xtreme lashes are administered by licensed Cosmetologists, Aestheticians, or nurses trained by Xtreme Lash stylists.
Before and After Brow Application

I’ve been wearing them continuously for 2 ½ years and I’m totally addicted!! Imagine waking up every single day and having your lashes frame your face and your brows filled in! You look alive! My personal favorite stylist is Audrey Johnson in St. Louis. She has been amazing!!